Bizarre Oddities: Vladimir Putin’s Putinka Russian Vodka Vs Little Obama’s Obamka Ice Cream

ObamakaIceCreamThe UK’s Daily Mail Reported Via Rothschild’s Gate-Keeper News Agency REUTERS That There Is Outrage Over This Product. Really?

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.15.50 PMOutrage as Russian firm milks chilly US-Kremlin ties with ‘Little Obama’ ice cream

Russian company is trying tocash in on chilly relations between Moscow and Washington by releasing an ice cream called ‘Little Obama,’ irritating U.S.officials.

The product, called ‘Obamka’ in Russian, is glazed with chocolate and its wrapping features an image of a smiling young African boy, wearing an earring and holding an ice cream. Read More

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.21.22 PMFrom RT – While Moscow and Washington indeed have their axes to grind, particularly over Ukraine and Syria, Russian web users sharing their opinions on the controversial delicacy seemed to be united in finding humor in the alleged political background to the story.

One post said that the new ice cream would go well with “Putinka,” a Russian vodka whose name refers to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

The folk that drinks Putinka should have the right to pair it with Obamka,” it stated.

Another questioned why the name was considered offending, as other names are used as brands, and nobody complains.

We’ve got Alyonka chocolate here in Russia. Never heard any Alyonkas complaining,” the post said.

Many were enthusiastic about trying the offensive ice cream bar, while some simply laughed the whole thing off with the usual smileys and cartoons.

How’s this Obamka taste? Any good?

And some users suggested that it was high time to come up with something with Trump’s name on it, given the results he’s showing in the US presidential primaries.

You’re late, you guys. They might soon want to relaunch the brand as some ‘Trumpa-ru-rum.’” Read More

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