Can Sex Save Denmark? Travel Agency Runs Sex Contest To Fight Low Birth Rate Epidemic

Travel Agency Runs Contest Urging Danes to Procreate

“Can sex save Denmark?” company asks.

Adan Salazar
April 4, 2014

While the United Nations is busy trying to convince the world of the risks of a rising global population, a company in Denmark is practically begging its country’s citizenry to procreate in order to “save Denmark” from its low birth rate epidemic.

While many parts of the world may be experiencing explosive population growth, Denmark is not one of those places.

Under the banner “Do it for Denmark,” Danish travel agency Spies Travels hopes to give its country’s ailing population a much-needed boost by incentivizing couples to copulate while on travel with the aim to produce children.

“Denmark faces a problem. The birth rate is at a 27-year low and there are not enough children being born to support the aging population. The Danish government has not found a solution,” informs the company’s video, which has accrued more than 5 million views in just over a week.

“The 55,873 children born in Denmark last year is the lowest number since 1986,” explains a recent report in The Copenhagen Post.

“Many wait too long to have children, creating a greater need for fertility treatments,” Søren Ziebe, a clinical supervisor at the Copenhagen University Hospital, told The Post regarding last year’s birth rate figures, emphasizing, “There is a need to raise awareness, as the problem is approaching epidemic levels.”

Enter Spies Travels with the solution. The company is offering discounts to clients who travel out of the country on the basis that they will try to make a baby during their vacation. Their logic is that “Danes have 46 percent more sex on holiday compared to their everyday life.”

In addition to an “ovulation discount,” Spies is also encouraging “all Danes to take a romantic city holiday” by running a contest that will reward one lucky couple who can prove they made a child during their vacation with a three-year supply of baby stuff.

“Couples who enter the competition are sent a pregnancy test after the holiday and if it comes up positive, they must send in a picture of the test result to Spies as proof,” reports RT.

Despite Denmark’s apparent population plight, the United Nations is more concerned with touting abortion and contraceptives as necessary tools to combat the “dangers” of an increase in the world’s population.

In a recent report, they predict the amount of people living on Earth will balloon to 8.1 billion by 2025, a trend one former United Nations population consultantpredicts will bring about “job shortages, environmental degradation, food and water shortages, failing states, and inevitable disasters” just because fertility rates are higher for poorer countries.

While the company’s effort is ultimately a clever marketing ploy and will likely contribute a negligible amount to Denmark’s birth rate problem, their approach to aid their country is still laudable for bringing awareness to the issue where their parliament evidently has failed.

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