Canadian Aborted Babies Incinerated In Oregon To Provide Electricity

First In The UK, Now Canadian Aborted Babies Incinerated In Oregon To Provide Electricity

Several alarming stories below!

Aborted babies incinerated in Oregon to provide electricity

Peter Baklinski
April 23, 2014

The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are ending up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon.

The province’s Health Ministry said in an email to the B.C. Catholic that “biomedical waste” shipped to the U.S. to be incinerated includes “human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs, and fetal tissue.”

“The ministry understands that some is transferred to Oregon. There it is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant,” the email stated.

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First the UK, now the US burns murdered babies as fuel (via
  This story absolutely turns my stomach. A few weeks ago, a horrible story came out of the UK that showed 15,000 aborted babies were incinerated as “medical waste” to generate power for British hospitals. Now, a similar story is coming out of…





Burn, Baby, Burn. (via

Once upon a time, the people of ancient Carthage worshiped a deity called Moloch.  Moloch, now a star of the tv show Sleepy Hollow, was their god of money. To worship Molloch, the people of Carthage would burn the biggest drain on their wallets into…

“We Didn’t Know,” Insists Baby Burners. (via

Commissioners in Oregon insist that they were shocked, shocked! that aborted fetuses were being incinerated to fuel the electric grid. So, thankfully, now that it was exposed and everyone had heard about it, the process has been shut down. From ABC…

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