Do You Remember When President McKinley Was Assassinated By Jews To Usher In Federal Reserve Act of 1913?

President McKinleyDo You Remember When President McKinley Was Assassinated By Jews To Usher In Federal Reserve Act of 1913?

“Conspiracy and murder are the distinguishing characteristics of the Devil and his followers throughout history. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy were all American presidents in different centuries that were assassinated because they had an agenda that ran afoul Satan’s program. The Devil is a murderer and the father of lies.”


Leon Frank Czolgosz’ ( May 1873October 29, 1901) was the assassin of U.S. President William McKinley. In the last few years of his life, he was heavily influenced by Jewish anarchists like Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman.



Important Timeline

1775 The American Revolution begins. Jewish banker Haym Salomon provides financial support. Mayer Rothschild provides Hessian soldiers to Britain, profitting from the war.

1776 The Illuminati secret society is established by Jewish agent Adam Weishaupt in Germany.

1789 The French Revolution begins. Thousands of French citizens are killed in the revolution.

1793 King Louis XVI of France is guillotined by the French Revolutionaries.

1805 The Napoleonic Wars begin. Thousands of Europeans are killed in this war.

1815 Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. Nathan Rothschild receives early news of Napoleon’s defeat, and manipulates the English government bond market, acquiring English bonds at heavily discounted prices. This gives Rothschild major financial influence of the English government.

1830 The Rothschilds finance the establishment of the nation of Belgium, which secedes from the Netherlands.

1837 Benjamin Disraeli becomes the first Jewish member of parliament in Britain.

1839 Britain starts the Opium War against China.

1848 Jewish politician Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto.

1850 Isolation of Japan ends, trade with Britain and America begins.

1853 The Jewish B’nai B’rith (Sons of the Covenant) organization is established in New York City.

1858 Baron Lionel de Rothschild becomes a member of parliament in Britain.

1859 The Rothschilds decide to support the South in the American slavery dispute.

1859 The Rothschilds finance the construction of the Suez Canal.

1861 The American Civil War begins, threatening to divide the USA into two nations. The war lasts for 4 years and causes vast destruction to the USA. The war is financed on both sides by Jewish bankers. Jewish lawyer Judah Benjamin is attorney general, secretary of war, and secretary of state for the Confederacy. Over 500,000 Americans are killed in this war. The African slaves gain freedom, citizenship, and the right to vote after the war.

1865 President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth a Jew and a group of several co-conspirators. Judah Benjamin flees to England.

John Wilkes Booth Was Jewish

1867 Karl Marx publishes Das Kapital.

1868 Benjamin Disraeli becomes the first Jewish prime minister of Britain.

1869 Jewish banker Jay Gould attempts to corner the American gold market.

1870 France attacks Germany, starting the Franco-Prussian war. Napolean III, leader of France, is financed by the Rothschilds.

1870 John D. Rockefeller establishes Standard Oil and destroys his competitors.

1871 The Rothschilds finance France’s war reparations to Germany.

1881 Russian Czar Alexander II is assassinated by Jewish conspirators. The Russians react by persecuting the Jews. Million of Russian Jews immigrate to the USA.

1881 American president James Garfield is assassinated by Jewish immigrant Charles Guiteau.

1890 The Rothschilds finance Jewish colonies in Palestine.

1891 France and Russia form a military alliance, threatening Germany.

1894 Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain in the French army, is convicted of giving secrets to Germany.

1896 Theodor Herzl organizes the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. He proposes the creation of a Jewish nation in Palestine in his document “The Jewish State”.

1898 The United States goes to war with Spain over a mysterious explosion on the battleship Maine docked in Havana, Cuba. Jewish publisher Joseph Pulitzer encourages starting a war in his newspaper, New York World.

1899 Britain goes to war with the Dutch Boers of South Africa to capture the gold mines and diamond mines for the Jews. Britain detains Boer civilians in concentration camps. Thousands of Boer men, women, and children are killed.

1901 American President William McKinley is assassinated by Jewish radical Leon Czolgosz. Secret Jew Theodore Roosevelt succeeds McKinley. The Jews accomplish a double whammy against the Americans and change American history.

Video: President William McKinley’s death at Milburn Residence in Buffalo, New York. Mc…HD Stock Footage

1901 The Mob outside the Temple of Music after McKinley Shooting

Video: President McKinleys Funeral, 1901

Video: Mainstream Media Version: President McKinley Assassinated

1901 The Anglo-Japanese Alliance is signed. This enables Japan to prepare for war with Russia.

1901 Rothschild partner J.P. Morgan bank establishes the United States Steel corporation.

1904-1905 Japan attacks the Russian navy at Port Arthur in China, starting the Russo-Japanese War. Jewish banker Jacob Schiff of New York City provides 200 million dollars in war loans to Japan. Japan’s naval technology is provided by Britain.

1904 France and Britain sign the Anglo-French Entente, threatening Germany. France and Britain initiate secret military conferences to prepare for war.

1905 Radical Socialists, led by Jewish politicians Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, organize a revolution against the Russian government. The revolution is terminated by the government, but the government agrees to some concessions.

1905 The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is received by the British Museum. This document, which may be authentic, describes a Jewish plan to destroy European civilization and rule the world. Many of the events described in the Protocols have subsequently occurred.

1905 Jewish intellectual Sigmund Freud publishes his theories on psychology.

1907 The Anglo-Russian Agreement is signed.

1907 The Triple Entente of France, Russia, and Britain is established. This alliance encircles Germany and threatens the security of Germany. The preconditions for World War I are now established. Europe is artificially divided into two opposing groups. An artificial arms race is created. The major newspapers publish propaganda to agitate the public. A minor colonial dispute in Morocco is magnified into a crisis.

1908 The Young Turks revolt in Turkey.

1909 The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is established by the Jewish politicians for the African-Americans.

1909 British Oil booms in the Middle East.

1912 Woodrow Wilson is elected president of the USA. Wilson, a liberal Democrat, is financed by Jewish banker Bernard Baruch.

1913 The Federal Reserve Bank is established in the USA. Jewish banker Felix Warburg is the first chairman of the Federal Reserve.

1913 The United States imposes a tax on personal income, increasing the government’s power and wealth.

1913 The Jewish Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith is established in New York City to oppose anti-semitism.

1914 World War I begins when Austria-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by Jewish student Gavrilo Princip and a group of co-conspirators. William Pelley claims that the assassins were financed by Jewish businessman Herbert Samuel of Britain, owner of Shell Oil. Over 10 million Europeans are killed in this war. World War I is a disasterous war and it starts the decline of the European people. World War I is supported by Jews such as Nathan Rothschild, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, Ernest Cassel, Louis Brandeis, Chaim Weizmann, Theodore Bethmann, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

1914 Margaret Sanger publishes Family Limitations.

1915 A German submarine sinks the Lusitania.

1917 Under heavy pressure from the Jews and the British government, the United States declares war on Germany and enters World War I.

1917 The Balfour Declaration is announced by the British government, creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The Declaration is in part a reward for Jewish support of the Allies during World War I.

1917 Lenin leads the Communist Revolution in Russia.

1918 Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family are assassinated by the Jewish communists Lenin, Trotsky, and Sverdlov. Once again the Jews change history for the worse using assassination.

1919 The punishing Treaty of Versailles is signed in France. The Treaty effectively continues the war against Germany. Jewish American banker Bernard Baruch imposes massive financial reparations on Germany.

1924 The United States Congress restricts immigration. This is opposed by the Jewish politicians.

1929 The New York stock market crashes. A global economic depression begins.

1933 Adolph Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. Hitler is financed by Jewish businessmen such as Fritz Thyssen, who wrote the book “I Paid Hitler” in 1942. Hitler is apparently used as the fall guy by the Jews to start World War II.

1933 Jews declare international boycott of Germany.

1933 U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt introduces the New Deal socialist programs.

1934 Stalin launches a purge of the Communist Party in Russia. Millions of Russians are killed by the Jewish communists.

1935 John Maynard Keynes proposes a new economic theory.

1937 Krystallnacht occurs in Germany in response to the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jewish agent in Paris.

1939 World War II begins when Germany invades Poland and Britain and France subsequently declare war on Germany. Over 20 million Europeans are killed in this war. World War II is a disasterous war and causes vast destruction to Europe. World War II is supported by Jews such as the Rothschild bankers, Bernard Baruch, Henry Morganthau, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Leon Blum, Ehrenberg, and Harry Truman.

1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The United States enters World War II.

1942 The Wannsee Conference is held in Berlin. The Nazis decide to imprison and expel the Jews in Germany.

1945 The United Nations is established in New York City.

1947 The Cold War between the Capitalist nations and Communist Russia begins.

1948 The nation of Israel is established in Palestine, supported by the United States and Britain. The Israelis start a war with the Arabs to demonstrate their dominance in the region.

1949 China becomes a Communist nation, led by Chairman Mao.

1950 The United States goes to war with Korea.

1953 Jewish spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed for giving nuclear bomb secrets to Russia.

1954 The U.S. Supreme Court bans racial segregation.

1956 Israel defeats Egypt in the Sinai Campaign.

1959 Fidel Castro leads the Communist revolution in Cuba, supported by Russia.

1960 The birth control pill is introduced.

1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs.

1963 The United States government orders the assassination of Diem in Vietnam.

1963 American President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Accused Killer Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and silenced forever by Orthodox Jew Jacob Rubenstein (AKA Jack Ruby) in that Dallas police garage, millions watched in real-time. CBS News was reporting his real Jew last name during the first hour of coverage; yet someone soon ordered them to only use his crypto-Jew name (Ruby) and it’s been that way ever since

Video: Last American President

1963 Jewish feminist Betty Friedan publishes The Feminine Mystique.

1964 The U.S. Congress passes the Civil Rights Act.

1964 U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson proposes a Great Society.

1965 The US Immigration Act of 1965 is approved by Congress. This immigration act was developed by the Jewish politicians Senator Javitz, Representative Lautenberg, and Representative Cellar. It was designed to replace White Americans with foreigners and thereby destroy traditional White America.

1965 American President Lyndon Johnson introduces national racial preference laws and Affirmative Action programs.

1965 The Vietnam War begins when the United States sends 200,000 troops to Vietnam.

1966 The National Organization for Women is established.

1967 Israel defeats Arab nations in the Six Day War.

1968 American presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated.

1973 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that women have a right to abortion.

1973 Israel defeats Egypt and Syria in the Yom Kippur War.

1974 U.S. president Richard Nixon is forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal.

1975 The Vietnam War ends when the communists capture Saigon. The United States government brings hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people to America.

1986 The European Union is established.

1991 A United Nations coalition led by the USA goes to war with Iraq.

1991 Communism is terminated in Russia.

1994 Apartheid is terminated in South Africa.

1994 California voters pass Proposition 187 to restrict government aid to illegal immigrants.

1995 Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by Jewish right wing student Yigal Amir.

1998 The United States and its allies bomb Iraq.

1999 The United States and its allies bomb Serbia.

2000 American President Bill Clinton declares in the State of the Union address that European Americans will be a minority group within 50 years. This drastic change is due to mass immigration imposed by ZOG.

2000 European Americans become a minority in California due to mass immigration.

2000 Jewish senator Joe Lieberman is selected as the American Democratic vice presidential candidate.

2000 Jews and Palestines battle each other in Israel.

2001 Jewish politicians and journalists criticize Senator John Ashcroft for his religious beliefs and conservatism, implying that he is a racist.

2001 Jewish Hollywood releases more television shows and movies that promote interracial couples, such as “The West Wing” and “Save the Last Dance”.

2001 Holocaust Day is observed on January 27 in Britain in an attempt to legitimize the Holocaust industry.

2001 Jewish servant President Bill Clinton leaves office, and is replaced by Jewish servant President George W. Bush.

2001 The Jewish conspirators crash jet airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington. They blame it on alleged Arab terrorists.

2002 The Jewish Conspiracy continues without substantial resistance. Most Europeans remain clueless about their catastrophic decline caused by the Jews.

2009 Jewish servant Barack Obama Takes Jewish servant President George W. Bush’s place in the White House

2016 European Americans become a minority group in Texas due to mass immigration.


2025 European Americans become a minority group, thereby politically destroying White America.

2027 British Europeans become a minority group in Britain, thereby politically destroying traditional Britain.

2029 Europeans become a minority group in Europe, politically destroying traditional Europe.


By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Sources: McKinley, Garfield, Lincoln: Their Lives—Their Deeds—Their Deaths, William Dixon Bancroft; Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America, Eric Rauchway;
Love, Anarchy, and Emma Goldman, Candace Falk; Assassination Of McKinley, Judical-Inc Web Site Here

THE JEWISH HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD had lost a fierce battle with President Jackson with regard to keeping their Central Bank. For in 1834, Jackson removed all government deposits from the Rothschild’s “Second Bank of the United States.”

A new System of National Banks was established in 1862 eliminating the Jew-controlledCentral Bank up through 1901. It was on September 6 1901 that President William McKinley was assassinated through the intrigues of the Rothschilds and their hit-men.

With McKinley out of the way, the path to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was easily paved through the pawns of Jewish agents of the House of Rothschild. Two such Rothschild agents were the powerful Jewish bankers Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg.

President William McKinley was known as a “hard money” man. This was because he advocated a gold standard. Unlike his opponent, William Jennings Bryan, McKinley was against “easy money” with no backing — printed by Jewish lenders at interest to the borrower – namely the US government. This was the essence of McKinley’s 1896 & 1900 successful campaign against William Jennings Bryan who advocated for “free and unlimited coinage of silver.”

BUT BY McKINLEY FIGHTING AGAINST “easy money,” (translate Jew-coined & printed-at-interest money) McKinley sealed his death warrant. A death warrant signed, sealed, and delivered by the powerful House Of Rothschild, criminals in bankers’ suits.

THE NEW YORK JEWISH CROWD WANTED Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt to be President. The Roosevelts were a wealthy group of NY socialites. Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (”Teddy” Roosevelt’s father) inherited the multi-million dollar family business, “Roosevelt & Son,” importers of plate glass.

Through his many Jewish business connections, Theodore Roosevelt Sr. founded the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, and the New York Children’s Orthopedic Hospital. All of these institutions were and are Jew-intensive.

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt had been groomed by the powerful NY Jewish political machine to be the Governor of NY and future President of the United States. In 1900, McKinley was forced by Republican partisans of the Jews to appoint “Teddy” Roosevelt as Vice President to get the “Jewish vote.” McKinley’s appointment of Roosevelt soon turned out to be his demise.

JEWS SWARMED OUT OF POLAND AND RUSSIA beginning in the 1880’s.

ON SEPTEMBER 6 1901, a 28 year old Polish Jew, Leon Czolgosz, walked into the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo NY where McKinley was speaking and shot McKinley twice in the abdomen at point blank range. McKinley died a week later and “Teddy” Roosevelt was sworn in as President, much to the delight of the NY Jews.

Prior to the assassination, Leon Czolgosz had fallen in with Emma Goldman’s Jewish anarchist crowd at Sach’s Cafe on Suffolk Street, their headquarters in New York City’s Lower East Side. (NYC’s Lower East Side was where Trotsky, owing to Jacob Schiff’s financial support, had recruited many communist Jews to travel with him to Russia to incite the October Revolution of 1917.)

Emma Goldman’s crowd had broken away from main-line socialists who were “under the eye of a paternal government.” Instead, Goldman’s crowd preached that social change could only be achieved through violence and assassinations. They preached that capitalists would never change on their own volition. Thus it was here at Sach’s Cafe that the assassination plot against President McKinley, a “capitalist,” was hatched.

One member of Emma Goldman’s group, the Jew, Julius Edelson, was quoted by the NY police as saying to them:

— “No matter how much Czolgolz has been damned for his good work, we know that he was a great man. He was a true hero.” — See: “Anarchists Attack Police” Here

And not only this, but the Jew, Emma Goldman, is extolled by Jewry as a “heroine” — even though she preached violence to attain her anarchist aims as recorded in The Jewish Women Archives:

— “Emma Goldman refused to condemn Czolgosz and other like-minded individuals who were driven to acts of violence against representatives of the capitalist system. Emma Goldman admired the sensitivity that led Czolgosz to this extreme.” —

Indeed – in Emma Goldman’s autobiography, Living My Life, when describing her arrest after McKinley’s assassination, she wrote, “My sympathies were with Czolgosz.”

See: Emma Goldman’s Use Of Violence-Tragedy At Buffalo, October 6 1901, Here. (Click On “Full Image” & Scroll Down)

FOUR DAYS AFTER Czolgosz’ assassination of McKinley, on September 10 1901, Emma Goldman was arrested (but released!) in Chicago under suspicion of corroborating in President McKinley’s assassination. She was arrested many times prior to and after this arrest for “inciting to riot and violence.” Here

GOLDMAN’S LOVER WAS ANOTHER Jewish communist-anarchist by the name of Alexander Berkman. Berkman was imprisoned in 1892 for his attempted assassination of the steel magnate, Henry Clay Frick.

Emma Goldman assisted Berkman in his attempted assassination of Frick by obtaining a pistol for him to use Here (1st paragraph) And: Here. But at the trial Berkman refused to testify against his Jewish-communist lover, Emma Goldman.

Goldman visited Berkman in prison where they talked about their future anarchist plans Here. Both Goldman and Berkman were associated with the “Haymarket Anarchists,” a group led by 8 Jewish communists who threw a bomb into a crowd which killed 7 police officers during their Chicago anarchist rally in 1886 Here.

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, being communists, were most likely funded by the powerful communist-supporter, Jacob Schiff, the renowned Jewish banker of Kuhn Loeb, who funded the burgeoning Bolshevik movement in Russia.

Through Emma Goldman’s association with Schiff, and other powerful Jews, she was *never* charged with her numerous crimes which included her role in the McKinley assassination as well as inciting violence against American police.

Eventually Emma Goldman was finally deported to Russia where she joined the Bolsheviks and later assisted them in inciting the communist rebels against the Christian loyalists in the Spanish Civil War. Read More


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