Epic Fail: Arizona Republic Newspaper Losing Lots Of Subscribers After Endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton

dumbmoveEpic Fail: Arizona Republic Newpaper Losing Lots Of Subscribers After Endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton

The Conservative Tribune reports, Death threats, cancellations, angry callers. That’s what the Arizona Republic is dealing with after endorsing Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

Last week, one of Arizona’s largest newspapers called The Arizona Republic made the biased move to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. The unpopular action did not fair well with subscribers and avid readers: in the paper’s 126-year history, a Democrat has never been endorsed over a Republican candidate for president.

According to the New York Times, the paper took a financial hit as it received cancellation calls nearly every 10 minutes following the Clinton endorsement. “We’re feeling the weight of our history,” the paper’s editorial page editor Phil Boas told the Times. “We know we’re doing the right thing. We feel very good about this decision.”

More newspapers are also facing reader retaliation for their Clinton endorsements. The Dallas Morning News and the Cincinnati Enquirer, traditionally Republican newspapers, have also lost readership for going Democrat.

No national American newspapers have released an endorsement for Trump so far in 2016. Clinton holds a few dozen, and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson also holds a couple.