John F. Kennedy Was Killed Because He Wanted To Bring the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) Back Under Government Control

John F. Kennedy Was Killed Because He Wanted To Bring the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) Back Under Government Control

Submitted By Jack Allen

Shocking Documentary "Synagogue of Satan" Claims Rothschild Banksters Behind JFK Assassination, War CrazinessAfter watching this video today of an Israeli IDF Soldier shooting a wounded young Palestinian in the head. I thought once again about the links to Israel and the Kennedy Assassination. Watch this video and read  and watch the material below and make your own judgement of what kind of people are living in occupied Palestine. All fingers point to Israel and Mossad being behind the JFK murder and 9/11. We know they attacked the USS Liberty. We know they use false flag terror and murders to get their way in the world. Pure evil is upon us.

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Caught: Israeli IDF Soldier That Shot The Young Palestinian In The Head

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Mossad Major Player In Kennedy Killing

Michael Collins Piper: FINAL JUDGEMENT lecture [Mossad connection to JFK Conspiracy

Michael Collins Piper on JFK

Michael Collins Piper Interviews Brother Nathanael Kapner

Israel Killed Kennedy For Trying To Stop The Israel Lobby in America

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By National Journal

John F. Kennedy sr. committed himself to two mortal sins against Jewry. He intended to smash their world-control-base in the USA by bringing the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) back under government control. Moreover, he denied Israel America’s Nuclear-Weapon-Program. This would have meant to World-Jewry the loss of their power base and it finally resulted in bringing death over himself and his family. Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, did the opposite and provided Israel with the atomic program shortly after he took over office. Ever since, Israel has been in a position to threaten the entire world with weapons of mass destruction. After the death of JFK sr. all plans for making the FED a governmental institution were dropped and the idea has never since been resurrected.

The Jewish leaders consider any threat against Jewish power as a threat to their physical existence and is taken deadly seriously. The FED is a private Jewish enterprise that prints the American currency. The printed product is then lent by the higher echelon of Jewry with interest to the US-government. It means that every American is paying interest, without having borrowed money, on the wages he earns through his hard work in form of taxes etc. On the other hand, without atomic weapons the Jewish motherland (as a safe heaven for all Jews) would not be invincible and the Chosen would not be free to confiscate the lands of other peoples and commit genocide under the comfortable umbrella of their immense nuclear arsenal of weaponry.

Jews in power interpret any measures against them that could reduce their influence on world politics as a denial of their physical existence. Those who deny the total power of these people are subsequently marked as Amalek: Not only Amalekites must, according to biblical laws, be destroyed but also their descendants: “Talmudic ruling: ‘it is forbidden to multiply the seed of Amalek’ … Amalekites, meaning that one is permitted to murder (sic) them until their remembrance is blotted out from under heaven.” (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, p. 77, 84) Jahweh’s order to blot out the Amelekites is also expressed in the Bible: “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy  everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” (1 Samuel 15:3)

John F. Kennedy sr. was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas/Texas in a Mossad organized operation. (Mark Lane, Plausible Denial, USA 1994 and Michael Collins Piper, Best Witness) Only five years later, his brother Robert, who had a very good chance of following JFK’s presidency, was murdered too. In 1969 an assassination attempt against Edward Kennedy (JFK’s older brother) failed but Edward’s mistress died in this “car accident”. Edward Kennedy subsequently announced that he would not run for president. David Kennedy (Robert Kennedy’s son) died of an overdose of drugs whilst his second son suffered a lethal accident on the ski run in Aspen.

And now John F. Kennedy jr. has died in a plane crash together with his wife and his sister in law. Although he was at risk for being a descendant of an Amelikite, he further provoked his fate by announcing the possibility of running for president sometime in the future. Later he committed a greater political error of judgement when he became interested in the murder of the slain Israeli Prime-Minister Ytzak Rabin. He was fascinated because the Rabin assassination showed strong parallels with the one of his own father. He was obviously planning to make his ideas public that his father and Ytzak Rabin were both murdered.

The Cabbalistic element in the death of JFK jr. is very important. His father was killed in 1963, therefore 36 years before him. The number 36 plays a vital role in the Jewish Cabbala. Adding up all 36 numbers (i.e. 1+2+3 … 35+36) results in the number of the anti-Christ (the number of the beast) 666. The figure 666 represents the Jewish triumphant number because it symbolizes the year of the arrival of the anti-Christ, the Jewish ruler over the world. In September 1999 a new Jewish year begins. It is the year 5760. Adding up 5+7+6 results in 18, which consists three times 6 (666).

“The arrival of the Messiah is imminent or he could have already come and is living amongst us, without wishing to expose himself at this moment,” the Israeli researcher, Seffi Rachlewski refers to leading Cabbalists. (Der Spiegel no. 1, Jan. 4, 1999, page 119)

Some of our readers might ask, why of all people is it the Jews who reveal that Mossad killed JFK junior and senior? Mark Lane is a Jewish lawyer who proved with all the relevant documents in his book Plausible Denial that Mossad had orchestrated the assassination of JFK sr. The death of JFK jr. is now linked to a Mossad plot by the Israeli journalist Barry Chamish. The reason for this is not that the Jews are more truth loving than the gentiles but it is because these revelations carry also a covert message. The power of World Jewry has become so total that they can effort to let Mossad talk. This ruthless Israeli intelligence organization warns the political leadership around the world to obey the Jewish agenda. And what is the message for those who are not willing to obey? Well, greetings from the Kennedy’s.

Bild am Sonntag August 1, 1999 Page 6, 7
(Germany’s largest Sunday paper – excerpts)
Dead Kennedy-Son:
Murder Theories Flourish Israeli Author:
Explosive device went off on board of Piper aircraft


… Was it really a Pilot’s error? Wild murder theories flourish after the lethal accident of JFK jr. as it happened after the fatal accident of Princess Diana. The French magazine “France Dimanche” took the lead and announced on front page: “John F Kennedy jr. was murdered!”. The magazine refers to a pilot of New Jersey who heard a weird noise, caused by Kennedy’s Piper during take off. This witness also wondered that an alleged co-pilot did eventually refuse to go on this flight, claiming he felt sick …

However, out of the many murder theories there is one standing out: The Israeli Journalist and book author Barry Chamish (44) is convinced that the Kennedy aircraft was blown up shortly before landing. The writer states that he received an e-mail message with excerpts of a “FBI preliminary investigation report” that contained sensational claims: Traces of an explosive device were found in the cargo section of the aircraft and laboratory tests concluded that these traces are “the typical type of explosives used by certain foreign intelligence services”.

Satellite exposures of the National Reconnaissance Office (a Pentagon System of Sky-Spies) are showing a flash coming out of the aircraft, which would indicate an explosion.

Especially tragic, item 15: “Examinations of the bodies have established that Carolyn Besette-Kennedy carried a 3 months fetus, a boy.”

Sure, every murder version needs a motive. Who could have had an interest to murder John F. Kennedy jr.? Barry Chamish formulates it cautiously: “The most probable origin of the explosive device is a Middle Eastern state.” He does not name the country by its name. But between the lines it is clear: He means Israel.

His theory: Kennedy jr. was far to interested in the political assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin (1995), because his fathers murder which was similar to that of Rabin.

Last Wednesday Kennedy jr. had arranged to meet the deputy Director of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, Amiram Levine, for lunch at the “Oak-Room”-Restaurant of the New York “Plaza”. The subject was: The Rabin case.

Chamish: “Kennedy did not make a secret of his opinion that there were many questions open in the Rabin case.” In his magazine “George” he asked in March 1997: “Who was behind the Rabin murder?” He was fascinated by the possibility that not the extremist Ygal Amir, but a body guard of Rabin could have fired the lethal shots. The suspected body guard has since committed suicide.

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